Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Max and Mickey

Max has a large collection of stuffed animals. Most of which he has had for a really long time. I'm talking years. Occasionally one will get injured slightly and if it's a favorite, it will be hospitalized and will return later with some simple mending. For instance, Grover is not pictured but that's my fault because he wasn't quite dog toy material. The lion no longer has a tail and the dog is missing an ear.

He doesn't hurt them for the most part because I make sure there aren't any hard parts like eyes or noses. Grover had a hard cardboard style mouth and so it busted open. I'll be fixing him because I love Grover.

This is his newest toy Mickey. I was at the DI the other day and couldn't not grab this one for him. At .75 cents or less I think it's a bargain and he loves when I bring him a new pal.

Mickey says "Uncle" though I can tell he's enjoying every minute of it and so is Max.

Here are a few more fun pictures of Max playing with Mickey:

If he starts to get rough, I can just tell him to be gentle and he tones it down a little. I don't think those ears are going to last but you can never tell.

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  1. That is so adorable. My dog growing up had a ton of toys, too. She loved playing with them. I like that Mickey is his favorite :)