Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Little Red Oil Lamp

Last night while I was watching Under the Tuscan Sun the power flickered on and off 3 times and then just didn't come back on for 2 1/2 hours. This happened at 11pm. It was a little weird since it happened just after the storm scene in the movie.

I was prepared of course. Although it took me a minute to locate my flashlight, I found it and then decided that since my batteries weren't reliable I'd use this oil lamp that I had just lying around. Really, it was just sitting there among a pile of junk in the kitchen. I had wanted to get rid of it but just couldn't because it's useful.

Luckily it had a wick and some oil in it so I lit it up. Not much oil though so I went to the shed to get the lamp oil. I just happened to know exactly where it was. Convenient.

I think I'll be keeping this little gem (the base is about 1 Cup) and I'll be getting a new bottle of oil, a new wick and I'll wash the globe. It totally came in handy and the finger hold made it even better.

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