Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ikea Track Lighting Quick Fix

I bought an Ikea Track Lighting Fixture from someone on KSL. After a quick glance in the box I thought there wasn't anything wrong with it... until I got home. I found that this very important cheap plastic piece had been broken off.

Today, because I'm trying to push things along and finish this studio up, I decided to give my fix idea a try. I went to the shed and got the jar o' screws (we have an endless supply of mismatched screws, nuts, bolts etc.) and wouldn't you know, that the first screw I picked up was a perfect fit!

I cut off the head of the screw with my favorite monster choppers and as seen above screwed the tip into the base with some pliers. The broken piece then screwed right on.

Here it is. All done! Like new! You can't even tell it had been snapped off. Yeah, I'm good and no, I didn't have to Google or Pinterest or anything to figure this out.

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