Thursday, June 14, 2012


I just installed those two pendant lights. They're mostly decorative but will add overall light to the room in the evening. My personal work space will be right there next to the stairs and under the window and I will most likely use my OTT light in addition to the overhead lighting. I like lots of light.

Yesterday my dad and I cleared the room, swept, mopped up the dust, cleaned the windows and I put the globe on the wall above the stairs. That one doesn't need to be fancy for now and it is actually only meant to light up the stairs. It is on the same circuit as the room that Max is sitting in. Can you see him? He has never really been allowed in this room and since we had the puppy gate up the entire time we have been working in here he has gotten used to the idea that he is not allowed in. So far so good. He's happy (see him smiling?) to just sit there and watch and if he happens to step in I chase him right out. No dogs allowed. We'll see how long that lasts but it is my hope to keep this rule applied for as long as possible.

Also today:
I have plans to put all of the cover plates on the plugs and switches. They'll need some slight adjustments to fit flush like I want and how they should be. Did you know that I installed all of those plugs and lights? You don't have to pay the electrician to do anything more than you want him to. I had him set the boxes and then I did the rest by myself.

I want to get some Quickrete concrete cleaner and etcher. I'm back to my decision to just stain the concrete but this time with less protection (no super epoxy coat). After all, I'm not driving a car on it, just a rolly chair.


  1. yippee! Don't you just love that window!?!

  2. Staining concrete is always an adventure!