Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Turning the Stairs

These are the old stairs. They faced south and some of the steps weren't actually secure so you had to be careful not to step on the edge. This is also a peek of before the window.

I decided that I wanted them facing east because I want my desk in front of the window so I can gaze out into my yard and garden. My brother tore them out a while ago. He found very old filthy clothes shoved in that hole under the door. Prize!

Yesterday he started rebuilding the stairs since he finished most of the mudding and was waiting on the door. The door is actually in as of today but the rest of the front of the house isn't back together enough for a final photo.

Here is the somewhat finished product. I needed something to post and for the most part, they're done. The risers will stay white and the landings will be black to match the floor. I'll do a separate before and after floor post eventually. The space under the the stairs has been left open so I can store something but I'll have to think of what that is later.

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