Monday, May 21, 2012

New Yard Accessories

This is my new (used) composter and pond compliments of my mom's friend Heidi. She heard that I was going crazy with my garden and offered up these gems. Thank you Heidi!

First we have the compost bin. It is the non-spinny kind. It just sits here on the ground. You keep it secure with stakes. The top opens up like a trash can lid and that is where I dump my compost. At the base there is a door where I can shovel it out. I intend to "stir" it with my favorite tool... The Claw. The compost bin's new home is in the back corner of the yard in the corner next to the shed add on.

Next we have the pond and this is where I plan to put it. The white fence will be moved out further as previously planned for the entire garden area. I'm excited to have a pond and I can't wait to get it going because I want to put a frog in it. I have a lot of digging ahead of me but I have to wait until we're completely done with the craft room window. Almost there.

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  1. Woo Hoo! A pond and a composter! Fabulous!