Sunday, May 13, 2012

Moving on to the Ceiling.

This is the ceiling and south wall "Before". Dad and I finished the walls up to there about 2 years ago before I moved. Now I'm back to finish it. Well, my brother is...

We decided to square off the ceiling so he put in some framework. We also had to move the existing light fixtures so that they'd be over my work space. I hadn't picked out my work space location before I left so the lights were just for that side of the room.

This is the ceiling and south wall "After". Okay so that one spot to the right wasn't done when I took the photo but you see. Over here to the left is where the loft/attic access will be. 

It's all coming together quite nicely. I'm currently searching for the lighting fixture for the main area and the floor junk. It's more of a "who's got it in stock" issue than anything else. 

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