Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Loft/Attic Before and After

This is the storage loft/attic "Before". Not so easy to get around up there without a lot of over and under movements which were usually done by me since I was the smallest. I hated it because it was gross up there with bugs and the floor felt like it wasn't going to hold me. It was, I just didn't trust it.

This is the storage loft/attic "After" (But before the outer wall/ceiling goes up). Since we're remodeling the entire room, my brother decided we needed to fix the loft first. He moved the roof supports and added many more, secured the floor better, added a plug and a lighting fixture and finished up the insulation. Much better.

This is the other side (front) where he added some supports, plywood and drywall. It gives a little more space above and finishes off my ceiling easier.

Tomorrow, which is in 5 minutes, I'll show you some more.

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