Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Littered with Laundry

I found some lint in the dryer the other day. This was in the back of the dryer so I started digging at it and vacuuming to get it out. Unfortunately, I loosened it and it fell down where the heating element is and started and itty bitty fire. No big deal... luckily.

This lead to taking the dryer apart and cleaning out all the lint. It was EVERYWHERE! Don't fool yourself into thinking that it is only collected in that so called lint trap. We also found that the aluminum tubing that takes it out of the house was broken in half thanks to our little mouse friends that probably decided to go in there to stay warm. So anyway, I refused to pay $10 for the tubing and so it took a few days to get it from my dad. He has everything. I took this picture moments ago. I guess we lost interest in putting it back together for now.

Yesterday I rewashed the whites/jeans/towels that had been sitting in the washer for 2 days. Yuck. Here they hang on a makeshift line. It's a dog tie out going from the neighbor's shed to a tree in my yard.

I also put a few things on the chair. Mostly socks. I didn't hang any "intimates" for the fear of breaking a city ordinance or something. Maybe later when I get a real line and some clothespins.

This last one is my artsy pic. Today I'm washing colors. How'd you guess?! I have to keep a closer eye on these since the weather is supposed to change this afternoon but for now, a light wind. Beautiful.

I have every intention of finding a good line that I don't have to use a step stool to get to and some clothespins and everything. Of course I'll fix the dryer but why spend the money on the electricity when I don't have to.

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  1. Love that last picture! I miss my clothesline, which was really a dog run cable. This should be the last year for work in the backyard so the time is right. Sheets on the line? Fabulous.