Monday, April 30, 2012

Adding on to the Shed

Before I moved to PA, my Dad and I had an idea to extend the shed to make a "motorcycle port". A place to store the bike in the winter since the old garage was going to be my craft room.

Once I moved back to UT we got moving on several projects. This being one of them. My brother heard of our idea and put it into action. 

He framed it all with pressure treated wood and bolts. This is quite a sound structure and will be just as strong, if not stronger than the Tuff Shed that it is attached to.

Next he added the plywood. There he is behind the tree.

Next he added the tar paper...

Lastly he shingled it. My Dad helped with the entire process. I, did not. All I did was take pictures and occasionally hold something. 

It's not completely done yet but I thought it was time to post. The back wall will be closed in and possibly the side. I'm still trying to decide but most likely. I kind of enjoy having the picnic table there but that is not why this was built so... I'll add another post later when it's completely finished.

This all happened in one weekend? I'm not really sure if it was actually a weekend. I'm still learning how to keep track of the days. 

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  1. Yes, I like the picnic table there too! Nonetheless, the bike-port looks very sturdy, nicely done and terribly practical.