Friday, March 2, 2012

The Red Scarf

This is my friend Celia. I made this red scarf for her. I had started it a long time ago and decided to finish it this past November. It was her birthday so I was motivated to get it done and sent in time. Isn't she beautiful?! Oh, yeah and the scarf looks nice too. I made it very long so that she could wear it like this.

The first scarf I made like this, I hated. I thought it looked terrible and then I wore it again and again and grew to absolutely love this yarn! It is also very warm. It is Boucle and I often find it at thrift stores which is awesome. I assume people don't like to knit with it because it's bumpy and you have to watch what you're doing. You can't knit blind as I call it, without looking. Fine by me because I have gotten a lot of it and therefore have a scarf in dark brown/black, light brown/cream and plum. Celia has a two-toned periwinkle/cream? and now this red one. I'm a little jealous of the red one. Maybe I'll find some more.

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