Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blood Donor Dog

This is Max while he donates blood. He is on call as a donor at AVETS where I work so that means if a dog need whole blood or his type, I go home and get him right away. This was yesterday.

Max is a great donor. Clearly they need to hold him still but other than that, he doesn't need to be sedated or anything. He loves the treats he gets when he is finished.

This is Max's 3rd time donating. The first time, he donated to Buddy (above) and last time I saw Buddy, he was doing well. I don't usually know whether or not things work out for the recipient so it was nice to see Buddy and let his owners know that he is now part Lab.

Max has also donated to a very tiny dog so they drew the blood from his arm instead of his neck and most recently, he donated to a Dachshund. I love that Max is able to do his part to help out another dog in need.

This was his last time donating for AVETS. Max and I would like to thank all of the doctors and techs for treating him so well during and after his donations.

This picture was from Max's first donation. He got more of his neck shaved than usual. I thought I should post a picture where you could actually see his face... sort of. He's such a good boy. He likes that I don't make him where his collar after he donates so he can sneak up on me.

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  1. What a good boy! I laughed out loud at the sneaking up part.