Friday, March 30, 2012

PA to UT Move 2012

I moved. Back in February, I decided I was done with PA. So I started packing. Around the beginning of March it was official so I put my 2 weeks notice in at my job. We picked up the truck on Monday the 26th and had it all packed and ready by 6:15pm. This is right after I dropped of the keys to my apartment and before we pulled out of the lot. I like that the truck matches my car this time.

Max got comfortable immediately. This is pretty much what he looks like during the entire trip in every position possible.

March 26th 7:30PM

March 26th 7:45PM

This is my night driver and our co-pilot. Max is very good in the car. He sleeps most of the time.

March 27th 12:00AM

We stopped for the night (around 2am) on the western side of Indianapolis, IN at a Motel 6. This one wasn't as bad as the one on the eastern side but still not great. Shame on you Motel 6! We opted out of showering because neither of us wanted to stand in the nasty shower.

March 27th 10:00AM

This is me driving through pretty much all of IOWA. It was very windy.

March 27th 2:30PM

WHAT? No Nebraska?! We couldn't find the sign. There was recent construction and there was a huge "Welcome to Omaha" but that was it. Pffff. 
March 27th 8:00PM

We stayed the night in North Platte, NE at a very old America's Best in town. It was VERY nice! Old but VERY clean. Max even slept. He usually just paces.

March 28th 11:30AM

This is my snack. I pretty much ate this and Wendy's the entire way.

 UH... The camera wouldn't take the shot on the UTAH sign. 
March 28th 8:30PM

I am home and unpacking. It will take a while to get everything situated.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blood Donor Dog

This is Max while he donates blood. He is on call as a donor at AVETS where I work so that means if a dog need whole blood or his type, I go home and get him right away. This was yesterday.

Max is a great donor. Clearly they need to hold him still but other than that, he doesn't need to be sedated or anything. He loves the treats he gets when he is finished.

This is Max's 3rd time donating. The first time, he donated to Buddy (above) and last time I saw Buddy, he was doing well. I don't usually know whether or not things work out for the recipient so it was nice to see Buddy and let his owners know that he is now part Lab.

Max has also donated to a very tiny dog so they drew the blood from his arm instead of his neck and most recently, he donated to a Dachshund. I love that Max is able to do his part to help out another dog in need.

This was his last time donating for AVETS. Max and I would like to thank all of the doctors and techs for treating him so well during and after his donations.

This picture was from Max's first donation. He got more of his neck shaved than usual. I thought I should post a picture where you could actually see his face... sort of. He's such a good boy. He likes that I don't make him where his collar after he donates so he can sneak up on me.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reading is FUNdamental.

I have been reading a lot lately. Previously, I found and read and blogged about Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews and liked her enough to check out her other books. I have since read from left to right, Summer Rental, Little Bitty Lies and I just started Savannah Blues. I really enjoy these books and I would recommend them. Click on the image above to link to Mary Kay Andrews' website/book list for more info.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Red Scarf

This is my friend Celia. I made this red scarf for her. I had started it a long time ago and decided to finish it this past November. It was her birthday so I was motivated to get it done and sent in time. Isn't she beautiful?! Oh, yeah and the scarf looks nice too. I made it very long so that she could wear it like this.

The first scarf I made like this, I hated. I thought it looked terrible and then I wore it again and again and grew to absolutely love this yarn! It is also very warm. It is Boucle and I often find it at thrift stores which is awesome. I assume people don't like to knit with it because it's bumpy and you have to watch what you're doing. You can't knit blind as I call it, without looking. Fine by me because I have gotten a lot of it and therefore have a scarf in dark brown/black, light brown/cream and plum. Celia has a two-toned periwinkle/cream? and now this red one. I'm a little jealous of the red one. Maybe I'll find some more.