Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ready, Set, GO!

My brother and I met at the Salvation Army yesterday for a little thrift store shopping. He found one thing. Then we decided to check out the Goodwill in N.V. and this is what we found. HUH? It was just a big room with bins and you were supposed to just dig? We were a little confused but we joined in anyway. That's my brother there on the left.

We found a few things and just as we were getting settled, they blew a whistle and made everyone get off the floor. It was time to change the bins?! What?! New stuff! Here they are wheeling the new bins back into place. They switch the bins at 12PM, 2:30PM, 5PM and 7:30PM.

Here are the vultures. It was the best picture I could get without looking like an idiot. It's like shopping with those people at the DI that stand outside the back doors and hover for the new carts to be brought out so that they can attack them. The lady in charge made an announcement about not breaking things or beating each other up and then said GO. I felt like I was in one of those movies where they let all the women loose in those factory outlet stores. My brother went straight for the shoes and I went for the clothes. I should have gone in another direction. Next time.

We learned a lot in one day. That there are people that fill a cart and park it against the wall, leave and come back for it later to get more. Why? Because you pay by the pound! The best deal is 50+lbs for .59/lb! We also learned that people combine purchases to get the weight discount. We did this with a woman that asked us if we wanted to so that's how we found out. We had 21lbs, she had 40lbs. Cash is best so you can do this easily.

I only got a few things but my brother found some nice stuff. I am so going back for another try.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Before and After

Look how much weight I've lost! Wait. What?! NO! I am just showing you a large amount of fabric that I used to make a machine cover at work. I actually used the tops to make the cover, not the bottoms.

Here it is. No pattern, I just winged it. The tops were just the right width so that I cut up the sides and cut off the fabric from the armholes up. Each side is a tip front and the piece over the tip is one shirt all the way around. It is droopy on purpose so that it can easily be pulled off in a hurry without catching on anything. It's some sort of oxygen machine.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freezer Project

I just want to eat it all and start over so that nothing goes to waste. Oh wait, I think those burritos are trash. The rest of it should be fine but my point is, I don't want anything else to end up like the burritos.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More puzzling than usual

I guess you could say I've been into puzzles lately and started the first one on Jan. 23rd. These 500 piece ones are perfect for the little work table I have in my living room.

I buy them at the thrift stores and have had some good luck on not having any missing pieces. Except of course these 2 puzzles to the left. I have marked them on the picture where the pieces are missing and they're getting donated back.

I also did this one. Well, we because I had a visitor helping for all of them but I finished it today. This one was fun! It's approximately 11x37. We'll just call this one my birthday puzzle since I have some other things to do and I think I'm done with puzzles for right now.