Wednesday, January 11, 2012

99 Cent Watch

I bought this watch on eBay and won the bid for 99 Cents. I like a square watch and particularly like the face on this one. I kinda wish the band was silver too but until I find one that fits, this leather one will stay. Oh wait! The band broke! 

Whatever, I fixed it of course. After looking for a new band and not wanting my 99 Cent watch (not including the $4 battery) to be a $10 watch, I realized I could just fix it. Sorry I didn't take a before pic but I can tell you that the end here was completely undone. I put it back together (I lost one of the little bands) and with some black thread, re-stitched it (sorry, bad picture, it's under that little band). Then I reinforced it with some superglue. Good as new!

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