Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Stocking

This was my first real knitting project (many years ago) beyond a washcloth which is the standard learning project. I wanted to make myself a Christmas stocking. Somewhere along the way my parents eliminated the whole stocking thing. I wanted it back so I made one and have insisted that it get filled every year complete with an orange in the toe. I used standard sport weight red acrylic yarn and then knitted some white fluffy yarn onto the top. Someday I hope to get to make another one to hang next to it.


  1. Stocking list please? Orange... Chocolate covered cinnamon bears? Chap-stick? Toothbrush? Could use a little help here? Okay, maybe I will just dream some things up to go on top of that orange...

  2. I love them!! I can't believe you knit it. Julie- you are impressive.