Sunday, November 13, 2011

Preemie Hats with Pom-Poms

My friend Celia is having identical twin boys so I decided to make them some wee bitty hats. Here is the pattern. I don't know where it originated since I only have a hand-written recipe on a piece of stationery from my mother. I also added the "Sock" yarn option. Love the striping!

Preemie Hats
for Baby Weight, Fingering, or Sock Yarn
Size 2, 3, 4, or 5 Double Pointed Needles

Cast on 68 Stitches
Join in Circle
Knit first round
Next 6 rounds K1, P1
Knit next round
Next 8 rounds K2, P2 (Ribbing)
Next 15 rounds Knit all rounds
Beginning on round 16 decrease 4 stitches every other round until 40 stitches remain
Clip yarn at 15 inches and thread and pull through stitches pulling tight.
Leave the thread to attach Pom-Pom

For these hats I used Size 2 Double Pointed with Serenity Sock Weight from the Deborah Norville Collection. I also did a K1, P1 cast on that my mother showed me so that the edge would be stretchy.

For the Pom-Poms, cut 2 like circles just larger than the size of the Pom-Pom you want. I guessed and used the 1 3/4" punch. Also cut out a circle in the center like pictured above.

Sandwich the circles together and wrap the yarn around and around going through the center of the circle. I used 6 yards for this project. Again, just a guess.

Cut the yarn apart by inserting the scissors between the two pieces of cardboard. Hold your thumb over the center of the circle to keep the yarn in place.

Tie some yarn around the middle of the Pom-Pom as tight as possible without breaking the yarn.

Here's what it looks like when you pull the cardboard away from the center. 

Trim the Pom-Pom and secure it to the yarn tail that was left on the top of the hat. This was tricky so you could have someone hold it all for you while you tie. Aren't they cute!? I'm so excited for Celia to receive them. If they don't fit, she can don'ate them to the hospital and I'll make some bigger ones. The pattern is a general one and can be easily increased for a bigger hat. 


  1. Julie! I love these. I couldn't imagine a more perfect hat!

  2. Cute hats! This is not the same 'recipe card" instructions from your mom that I have. Anxious to try this one too. Love that sock yarn look!