Thursday, November 10, 2011

Display Board

I got this idea from my friend Anna. She made one of these for her boys' room for their artwork. She used clips with alternating colors. I chose to do black and white so that the cards would stand out more. For a closer look, visit my other blog: SeeJulieStamp. I used the photo as a header.

8ft MDF Board from your local hardware store. (I got one that was pre-primed)
Black Paint of your choice (I used spraypaint)
Mini Clothes Pins from your local craft store. (these are about 1 1/2 inches long)
White Paint of your choice (I painted each one with craft paint)
Hot Glue Gun.
Nails or screws for mounting.
Drill (optional for nicer pilot holes for mounting)

I gathered all of the supplies, painted the necessary items and then glued on the clothes pins. It helped to pre-measure the distance and the number of pins I had to get the look I wanted. More glue is better even though you can see it. This display board is meant to hold lighter items so a stronger glue could be an option depending on what you want to show off.

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  1. What a great visual impact that makes. It really is a piece of art and I love that it can be changed out so easily!