Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting Fit: Yourself Fitness

I bought this a while back on a recommendation from my friend Cozette. She actually uses a different gaming system but apparently, you can get the same game for different systems.

I find that when it comes to workout videos, they're all generally doing the same thing. You just need to find the instructor that annoys you the least so that you will continue to return to your workout. This is Maya. She's digital and does nothing but show you the moves and repeat a few encouraging phrases. I also like Richard Simmons' Sweatin' to the Oldies 1 but I have not yet found it on DVD for a great price. Well, I did but I mistakenly didn't buy it. I wish I had.

Yesterday I sort of completed my 3rd workout of the week. I did a test to check my progress and then couldn't complete my workout. At least we know that I can do 40 squats in good form but it left me with weak jittery legs.

I really have hit that point this time where I want to be more fit not just weigh less. Of course that is a big motivator but overall, I'm sick of being "average" and by average, I mean a size 12. Yes, I'm only a 10 right now but I'm a 10 pushing 12 on a daily basis. It is a constant struggle to maintain. I feel that an overall lifestyle change of physical, mental and diet will change that for good.

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