Friday, June 24, 2011

Dog: Max and the popsicle

Max and I shared a Popsicle, I eat the red and the white and he gets the blue because it turns my teeth, tongue and lips blue. Thanks Max!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jewelweed: Touch me nots!

While walking Max the other day, I noticed a familiar plant. I didn't know why I knew this plant until I got close to it and remembered that if you touch the seed pots, they explode!

Later I decided to google it. I found that it is called Jewelweed (yes, one word) and that it is a wonderful plant! You can eat those seed pods... I don't see how if you can't touch them! It is also prevents and soothes Poison Ivy! You crush up the thick juicy stems and rub it on yourself. Did I already know this? I feel like I did .  You'll have to google it yourself for complete info. There's much more.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mount Washington

Every couple of weeks, Joey decides to take a trip into the city to catch a few movies and make the rounds at  The Exchange. He calls me to meet up at Fiori's. His favorite pizza and my favorite Hoagie. It was the first place I learned how to get to in the city.

This last time, since I was in no rush to get back to Max because I prepared ahead, Joey took me up to his favorite overlook. Mount Washington. This isn't your standard mountainous overlook, this is a regular old neighborhood up high on the hill. The real estate is expensive because of the view but the houses don't look any fancier than anywhere else just in case you were picturing something different.

June 2nd I think...

Work: Pittsburgh Pirates Game

Let's go Bucs!

This is the view from PNC Park

There was a Huey Lewis and the News concert along with a few fireworks.

And when I say a few, I mean a ton!
Pittsburgh doesn't mess around! There were fireworks in the stadium, out on the bridge as you can see in this photo, across the river and on top of the high rises! It was the best fireworks show I think I've ever seen. I can't wait to come into the city for the 4th of July. 

This is another view from the park just before we left.
I got right to my car and pulled out quick. Unfortunately, I made a wrong turn and got stuck going North when I should have been going East. Something to know about Pittsburgh is that you can't just make a quick turn and cut through. You are surrounded by big hills and rivers with bridges like this one. My 20 minute trip home took an hour and 20 minutes because of that wrong turn. I finally got back to the city and couldn't seem to get on 376 going East. Obviously, I finally made it home. Max was a good boy while I was gone.

Birds: Female Cardinal

I captured this photo of a female cardinal this morning. I had to take the picture through the side of the blinds. I think she saw me! I can't wait to get a good photo of a male cardinal. They're color is so vibrant!