Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Finds: Yard Sales

Saturday morning I decided to look up and hit some yard sales. I collected all of my recycling, went to the bank for some cash, went past the library to return my book and drop off the recycling.

Yard sale #1: I picked up a card game called Sugar and Spite for .50 cents.
I'll insert the photo later (I forgot)

Yard sale #2: It was at the Assembly of God. They were having an indoor sale that had apparently been going on since Friday. I arrived and saw a huge gymnasium filled with 25 plus tables marked as low as .10 cents up to $7 or so. I wasn't there for more than what seemed like 15 minutes and they announced that everything was 50% off! Okay, so I'll look at the mounds of clothing. I found 4 items. A light jacket, a hooded shirt, a t-shirt and a long sleeved white t-shirt. When I went to pay the lady by the clothes, she only wanted .30 cents! What?! I gave her $1 and she insisted that I keep looking. So I wandered around and decided I'd get some frames. She hustled around to find me frames! Here's what we found:

These pictures are mine. I picked the frames with the intention of painting them all black like I did with Celia's family photos.

While I was paying the lady another .50 cents for the frames and something else I picked up, they announced that it was now "Everything you can get in a bag for $1"!! A long time ago, Rebecca and I went to a church sale in Provo with the same sale! It was awesome. So anyway, I gathered just a few more things selectively so that I was not bringing home too much junk. I ended up with a dog bowl, another shirt, a pair of plastic knitting needles for beginners, large plastic regular needles, some rubber stamp cleaner, more junk I can't remember and this little gem!

Notice the dime I placed there for sizing. It's a wee bitty oil can and I needed one for my sewing machine oil! It's just perfect! and cute! I finally gave up on the church sale and got out of there for only $2.50. FUN!

By then it was 2pm! WHAT!? I had been there for a while and Max was probably barking but I decided to hit the other two yard sales on my list.

Yard Sale #3: had nothing, too pricey so I went to the next one.

Yard Sale #4: They pretty much had closed down but I talked to them anyway and scored a free bag of clothes that I will drop off at Goodwill now that I've looked through it and pulled out a scarf, hat and some nice sweat pants, a cute little jacket and some shorts for Eliza and this fabulous glider love seat for my porch for $10.
Okay so it's wet and rusty but it is super comfy and I fit on it. I can't wait for my book to come in so I can enjoy it. I'll be painting it white to hide the rust.

I had a fun day. Who knows what I'll find next week.

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