Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas

This is my new apartment on Christmas morning. I live at 2100 Jeremy Drive (pictured on sign) #107 (listed on porch), Monroeville, PA. How convenient right? It is a ground level apartment right near one of the entrances to the complex.

Shortly after I took this picture I drove to Joey's in Champion. We watched movies that took place over Christmas made cookies and had a Jennie-O Turkey for dinner. Max and I spent the night and drove home around noon. I took this picture just before I left.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Sunday Drive

Max and I went for a drive to check out a dog park. The first dog park we tried was way on the other side of where the entrance was so I didn't feel like walking all that way. I don't know that I ever will.  I kept driving and tried the one that the map infers is right off the side of the road... I didn't see it so I kept driving and found that this road takes me all the way back to my house another way.

I wasn't done exploring so I kept going. This last one was a mistake. I wasn't actually looking for a dog park, I just wanted to see where the road went. Now I know and I will NEVER take that road again. It took me down, down, down until I was at the bottom of the small canyon that the big blue bridge goes over. As I watch the area familiar to me get farther and farther away, I kept driving. I was right in assuming that it would eventually meet up with RTE30. I ended up only one block from the road I turn on to get to Wal-Mart. WHEW! Thank goodness for the Yellow Belt sign!

When I was back in familiar territory, I looked in the rear view mirror only to see Max with his head wedged all crooked between the head rests. He had that look on his face... It said, "Are you kidding me?" I couldn't help but laugh. Sorry no picture. I left my camera and my phone behind.

Monday, December 6, 2010

If I stand real still...

Last week it rained a lot. So much so that there was flooding in the surrounding areas. I happen to own a very large umbrella but it doesn't always keep us both dry. After coming in and rubbing down Max with a towel I draped it over him and he stood there just like this for several minutes.