Monday, November 15, 2010

Road Trip!

On Thursday, November 11th, Joey and I left Provo. We were driving a Penske Truck pulling an auto trailer with my CR-V on it. All went well. Max did great in the cab of the truck. He only had trouble in the hotel. Wouldn't sit still but there was light under the door and many other dogs in the hotel and stuff even though we arrived at 2am. We should have put a towel to block that. The next hotel he did a little better. He ate some deer pellets at one of the stops. YUCK! Can you tell the difference?? Apparently he can not...
We arrived at my new home at 4pm on Saturday the 13th and was checked in an unloaded by 5:15.  Steve Maxwell met us there to help Joey unload. We returned the truck on Sunday morning. Unfortunately there are things to clean in the apt before I can unload some stuff. I don't have internet yet so I can work on MDS until I do. 
On Sunday Max and I went to Joe's place. It's good because then we'll go home and he'll understand that we've returned. We picked a spot for him to go... He's doing okay with the other dog sightings so far. Barking with excitement but I'm able to get him to stop for the most part and it's getting better each time. Picking it up isn't as bad as I thought. It helps that he's a stationary pooper.

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