Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Job, New Home!

My first week on the job went great! Everyone is so nice and so excited that I'm there.

The actual office part is very small. My manager, a Training manager (I don't really understand his purpose), a Tech Manager, HR Manager, Accounting Lady, Admin girl and Me (Inventory Control &  Purchasing).  Then there are the doctors and the techs and residents.

It is very interesting to be on the other side of the wall in this type of place. I am often right down where the saving goes on. I'm doing my best to not watch. It will be better if I don't look. I do tend to look at the ones in the cages though. They're just recovering.  I am not allowed to pet anything! Safety rules. Makes perfect sense.

I was only "trained" on the first day by the training manager on safety and touring the bldg and stuff. Everything else so far has been learn as you go and do it yourself. I love that! He is NOT a micro-manager. So far I've cleared the piles of invoices from my desk and filed them in what I have completely restructured already! It's not perfection yet but it will suffice. The girl before me and Martin (my boss) must have filed in the existing files of the previous girl and they obviously didn't follow the pattern!

I didn't get a long weekend. Just Thanksgiving and then Sat/Sun. Joey came over and we had chicken, stuffing, corn, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls and then he made choc. chip cookies. I only get 6 holidays and that's only if they land on a weekday. So Christmas and New Year's I don't get paid for since I won't be working on Sat.  It's fine. I can use PTO to make it a long weekend if I want once I earn more. Carry over PTO turns to time +1/2 days! Cool. I'm already carrying over 5 days that will turn into 7.

I'm almost situated at home.  I'm still watching for a kitchen table on craigslist or on sale somewhere.  I'll take pictures soon and make an MDS page. So far, I've made Dad's soup, meatloaf, and 2 pumpkin pies. The soup and the meatloaf has lasted, the pies have not.

I pulled out some stamps last night. I want to finally get some things done to put on my Etsy. I created my Etsy account back in 2009! Ha ha. We'll see what I come up with. My goal is to post something by Dec 1. My stamping stuff is mostly put away but not completely. I'm still working on where I want stuff and I need to find just the right hook to hang them in the closet. What I have leaves them dragging. Maybe I'll find another shoe bag at a thrift store that I can just cut short. That would be ideal.

Bridget is living like a queen with Dad. He basically lives at the Provo house now. Max is adjusting well. I think he has stopped barking all day now that I have a routine for him. 

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