Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Goals: House Hunting

Last year when I visited Joey in PA I decided that it really felt like home. I couldn't wait to come back and look at houses so that I could have a "fall" home here. I am finally back(one year later) and I have a Realtor(friend of Joey). It's only my 2nd day here and I've already gone to see houses. I have been working with Jenn over the internet to set up a list of places to see.

Above is the first(and best) of the houses that I visited. It has many of the things I am looking for even though it isn't really out in the country. It is located in North Versailles which is slightly southwest of Monroeville. Why there you ask? Because it is only 14 minutes from a where I have a job interview lined up for tomorrow.

Here are a few highlights:
1.25 Acres
1 year Home Warranty
Stone fireplace that matches the outside of the house
Large deck with 2 entrances from inside and a stairwell to the ground
2 Bedroom/1.5 Bath
Family Room/Stamp Room over garage
2 basement exits (not including exiting through garage)
Hardwood floors under carpet
Stationary Tub and Large work bench in work/laundry room
Comes with appliances(Washer, Dryer, 2 Refrigerators, Stove)
Extra off street parking for about 5 cars
Near 2 Bowling Alleys, KMart, Home Depot, Library, Dog Park, Wal-Mart, Mall, Exxon, Giant Eagle and only 15 minutes to Kennywood!

Definitely something to think about if I get offered the job. The asking price after already being lowered from I don't know what is $114, 900.

The other houses I saw were easily eliminated for the following reasons:
House #2: The street to the house was way too steep so we didn't even go in.
House #3: It was lovely on the outside but going inside was like stepping back in time (see below)
House #4: It was a little out of the way and other than being on a great secluded acre the downstairs was so crappy it wasn't even worth attempting to update. Rerouted pipes(pipe from old toiled downstairs went straight up to make the upstairs bathroom)and wires all over the place. What a waste.

When we were all done, Jenn took me to meet up with Joey at the Sandhill Berry Farm and I met a few animals. A sheep and a Llama: Timmy was very nice but got camera shy(ears back). How can you not fall in love with that face?!

Tomorrow I will be looking at 2 more that are out near Joey but I don't really want to live out that far since there wouldn't really be any jobs. They would definitely be vacation homes only.