Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Getting Fit: Lose 10 by 10 (October)

I actually started this goal a few days ago so I basically have a month. The way things go right now, it is a struggle for me to even maintain my weight let alone lose it. As you can see, I tried the cleanse (previous post) and that helped but it isn't a reasonable thing to continue with. Aside from eating correctly (Weight Watchers style), I have decided to start taking digestive enzymes again. I used to take them a long time ago but ran out and never replaced them. I'm starting to realize it would have been a lot cheaper to have replaced the supply so this time I bought a large bottle of Daily Essential Enzymes from Source Naturals (pictured). Yay for me! They were on sale!

In addition to taking the enzymes, I have been doing my best to move. Last week some time I rode my bicycle from my house to Center Street, all the way to the new frontage road by I-15, and took 500 N back home. It was 5.2 miles RT.

Sunday I rode my bicycle to the post office on 200 S and 100 W and back.

Today, Wednesday, I put my bicycle in the car, drove to Canyon View Park in Provo Canyon and rode to Nunn's Park and back. It was approximately 6 miles RT.

I feel good both inside and out.