Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting Fit: The Master Cleanse update

As it turns out, I started cheating on the 3rd day. The lemonade wasn't bad, I just need crunch so I munched on pretzels by taking very little nibbles. Those nibbles turned into big nibbles. Either way, I think the cleanse worked.

I believe that I am allergic to Senna. The Smooth Move tea was the only thing that I was able to blame for the mild rash that I got on my face. Little bumps and slightly itchy. I stopped drinking it when I realized it might be the cause and my face cleared up within a few days.

I continued to drink the lemonade off and on. I believe that it helped out my metabolism. I have also decided to put digestive enzymes back in my diet. I am currently only using Echinacea since I have it and I want to use it up. It appears to be working just fine. I feel a lot better anyway.

I also wanted to mention that drinking the salt water was not as disgusting as mentioned. I was able to deal with the taste but it was hard to drink so much liquid at once. The results were not so pleasant but it only lasted as long as the amount of liquid that I drank. It definitely went right through but it took about an hour to kick in.

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