Friday, July 2, 2010

Pressure Cooker Corn on the Cob

Corn on the cob!

The price of corn is finally reasonable. Dad was visiting so when we passed the corn display at the grocery store, we just had to get some. At 4 for $1 we each had two ears. Don't they, I mean didn't they look yummy! No time to take a photo before when it is so delicious.

I think nothing beats corn on the cob made in the pressure cooker. It was scary at first but now I'm a pro. Here's how you do it in TEN STEPS:

1. Clear the sink completely.
2. Shuck the corn but keep a few husks aside.
3. Put the metal plate thingy in the bottom of the pressure cooker and put the husks on top.
4. Fill with enough water to cover the husks.
5. Put olive oil around the seal of the lid or you'll never get it off.
6. Put the lid on correctly and turn it on High until the steam starts to come through the spout.
7. When it does, put the weight on the spout and set the timer for 7 minutes. (DON'T START IT YET!)
8. When the weight starts to wiggle, turn the heat down to Med. High (ha ha - I didn't do that last night) and start the timer.
9. When the timer goes off. Remove from heat immediately and put the pressure cooker in the sink.
10. Run cold water over the pressure cooker until you hear it hiss. Then you can open it.

Two ears of corn will really fill you up. I LOVE it with salt & pepper only. Dad LOVES it with a pat of butter on each bite.

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