Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goals: My 2 Year Plan

Goal: Live and work in Pennsylvania

Step 1: Find employment in UT
Step 2: Buy a "vacation" home in PA
Step 3: Find employment in PA
Step 4: Quit UT job and move to PA

I have recently decided that since I don't have any say in being married and having a family, I do have a say in everything else. I would like to start enjoying my life before it is too late.

I want to live somewhere that makes me happy. I currently live in UT where it is convenient but I want to buy a house in the country in PA for the initial purpose of a getaway. It will be on 1 acre or more and be partially wooded. It will have a fireplace. I would like a large room for stamping, a room for sewing/guest room and a bedroom of course. I hope to find what I'm looking for for under $100K which looks reasonable according to

Of course I will need to be able to afford the house and the other expenses that go with it but I have actually thought about working at less desired jobs just so that I can be there. I can also find a niche and sell stuff on Etsy and eBay in addition to my Stampin' Up! business.

I'm not at all worried about friends and family thanks to the phone/internet and airplanes. I plan to return to UT every year to visit family and attend the Stampin' Up! Convention if it continues to be in UT and also maybe travel to other places for SU! Leadership Conference.

I am currently attempting to simply to begin the process. I'm slowly going through my possessions and getting rid of them. Making a buck in the process if I can. So far so good but I have a lot of stuff!

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