Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have had these frames for a while now and they were in the way so it was time to finish some projects. Yay for having all day every day to myself (unemployed)!!! It is so nice to be able to catch up on some long forgotten projects.

This first frame (above) I got out of the neighbor's trash. It had a pretty painting in it but it had gotten wet so yes, it was trash, but not the frame! There is one edge that is a little buggered up but that gives it character of course. The mirror was in the garage and has been around probably since I was born or before? Who knows but all I had to do was get it cut to 4 ft and it fit perfect in this frame! The cut was only $6 at a local glass store. It is quite a large mirror. Very nice. I'm not sure where to hang it yet.

This next frame (above) I had found at DI years ago. It had so much white paint on it and it looked horrible. I have had intentions for years to strip the paint and put a mirror in it. Well guess what! The mirror was too narrow for this frame and fit perfect in the other frame.

How did I get it to look so old? Dad attempted to remove the paint and didn't finish the job. I also started to remove the paint and realized he had already started. I could see that it was looking very old and weathered so we stopped right there. The old layers of paint were showing through. I basically just got lucky. The back of the frame looks like brand new wood!

I got the idea from pg 98 of Stampin' Up!'s 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalog. They had taken a frame, added wire and hung projects on it for display. So while helping my friend Anna find good frames I realized that I had the perfect frame for this project! Since I no longer had a plan for this frame, here it is.This is essentially what it will look like but with stamped projects clipped to the wire.

Both of these projects were completed with stuff I already had. YAY!

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